The RV guest is best

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What if you could be the best guest ever, by bringing your own house? That’s what we are when we travel in our Class B RV — a 2008 Roadtrek 190 Popular.

We’ve used our Roadtrek to travel and experience some great things. We have moochdocked at friends’ and family’s houses across our state and several others. Our travels allowed us to spot some rare wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Plus we hiked trails in Glacier National Park and observed the total solar eclipse in Tennessee.

Sometimes though, the RV serves as the perfect guest bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen while parked in someone’s driveway. This is especially true when you’re visiting someone to help them out but don’t want to be a burdensome guest.

No matter how much you are helping with a project or tending to an ill family member, you still are a different number in their usual equation. It helps if they have a spare room for you to sleep in. But there are still extra bed linens, towels, and dishes with which to contend. And there’s additional thought needed to make time in the bathroom for more people using the facilities.

campervan in drivewayWe have made several trips over the past year to spend more time with Jessi’s grandparents and help the family out as her 91-year-old grandfather has experienced some periods of ill health. The Roadtrek has been parked overnight on her grandparents’ property 2 hours away from our house. We have parked in her uncle’s driveway, which is 3 hours away. And we’ve stayed in a hospital parking lot in a city an hour and a half from home.

Each time, it has been a blessing to have the Roadtrek available. Jessi’s grandparents are both in their 90s and don’t need the added burden from houseguests, even though having extra hands around for home and yard projects is something they do need and appreciate. Her uncle’s house is nice, and they have extra rooms available for guests. But having our own private space in the driveway without invading their privacy any more than necessary is great.

In both cases, sometimes Jessi’s parents have visited, too, which means more time with more family members. That’s nice because we’re making memories, although it also means a larger group trying to fit in a limited number of beds. When Jessi and I roll up, we get to add to the number of family members making memories and the hands available to assist. But we don’t add to the equation needed to make bed space, bathroom time, and more linens available.

campervan in hospital parking lotWhen Jessi’s grandpa was in the hospital for a few days last year, we were able to visit with him as early and late as possible based on visiting hours because we were parked right outside. Overnight, we were able to catch some sleep in our own bed. We got cleaned up and ate something that wasn’t from a vending machine.

Anyone with an RV can probably attest to how nice it is to have that vehicle available for times other than a fun getaway. For me, though, these situations reaffirm why I enjoy having a Class B campervan so much.

Sure, I have moments when I wish I had more interior space to move around in or more exterior storage cabinets. But when we can park stealthily in a hospital parking lot, the B is great. And that driveway we stay in at our uncle’s house? It’s almost level near the garage, but just beyond the 20-foot length of our van, it slopes downward. A longer vehicle would mean more work for leveling. Plus, depending on whom you’re visiting, their neighborhoods might have rules about big motorhomes or trailers parked in the driveway. Often, towns don’t build narrow subdivision streets to accommodate the bigger rigs either.

Ideally, we would always use our Roadtrek to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But in a pinch, it’s the best guest bedroom I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in.

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