Who Are We?


We are Ari and Jessi. We are adventurers, explorers, and wanderers. Because of our chosen professions in public and media relations, we have spent years helping others achieve what they wanted. Now, we are more focused on ourselves, but that doesn't mean we don't still want to help other people. We travel in a 4-wheel drive Class B RV, we ride bicycles, we paddle an inflatable kayak, and we often lace up our hiking boots (and running shoes, in Jessi's case). They all have their uses and they all allow us to prove time and again that "Not all who wander are lost."

So join us for some casual conversations about the camping, hiking and traveling treks we are undertaking. We aren't here to impress, we're here to help either by inspiring others or offering straightforward information about how we do what we do and how you might undertake some of your own treks.

  • What's the point of surviving life when you could be living it?
  • What's the point of taking the path everyone else is on when heading off the beaten path can be so rewarding?
  • What's the point of having all the creature comforts when you simply become a creature of habit?
  • What's the point of knowing what's around the next corner when discovering the answer can be so exciting and fulfilling?

That's our approach: look forward, not back. Because forward is the direction we are going.

Those philosophies mean we're always trying new things, visiting new places, and testing out paths others might fear to trek. And when we're done, we're sharing what we saw and what we learned.

Maybe it will inspire you to visit where we've been or participate in some of the activities we've discovered. Or maybe it will show you places you would never want to spend time or things you would never want to do. Either answer is great -- because we're doing what we want, and so should you!

Our Rig

The 4-wheel drive system is a Quigley that was installed during the conversion. In addition to the extra traction, the 4x4 edition also means we gained a couple of inches of ground clearance, something that can be crucial when you boondock the way we like to.

We bought our rig in December 2015, after doing a ton of research and narrowing down what we thought would and would not work for what we wanted to do and how much we could afford to pay. Ari wrote a blog post about buying our rig that originally appeared at Roadtreking.com. You can find the full write-up on our site here: How (And Why) We Bought Our Roadtrek.

Our Other Stuff

We also share thoughts and updates on different things elsewhere.

We have a YouTube channel that features videos on our growing list of treks to mountains, cities, and everything in between.


We like to share photos and short videos of our treks on our Instagram account, trekersorg.


And, since we take photos of amazing places for ourselves, our social media, and our website. We  decided to upload some of the best-of-the-best images to Shutterstock for licensed use. You can check out the collection we have so far here: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Trekers.

Contact Trekers by clicking here

If you're a company interested in working with us for the promotion of a product or sponsorship for some of our pending travel projects, we'd like to chat. Please send us an email with the subject line "Working together."



Roadtrek featured us in one of their "Owners Moments" videos

and we were thrilled to tell our story and why we enjoy traveling in a Class B RV.