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If you're looking for a fun way to stay overnight at wineries and other farm-type locations across the country, consider joining Harvest Hosts. We have enjoyed using this service to discover new places we may not have considered before, not to mention outstanding wines and other products. If you use our affiliate link, you get 15% off the membership price!

Allstays Pro -- campgrounds, fuel, parking, washes and more. This is a good app when you're on the road and need information about where to grab propane, find a dump station, or locate a spot to park overnight. Note that it has a robust web version and a good iOS version, but it is no longer maintained for Android.


When you're traveling and want to take advantage of open wireless networks, do you ever think about the risk you are taking at the same time? We don't because we use the Surfshark VPN.

It’s a forward-thinking privacy protection tool that guarantees instant online safety and no-frills usage experience. When it’s on, Surfshark encrypts all the data sent via the internet, so no one can see your passwords and private messages, or steal photos, videos, or other sensitive data.

Great service, excellent protection and benefits, and it doesn't slow down your connection. Check it out now with our referral link to get an awesome deal on this super product!

Need a good trip-planning program? We use and recommend Roadtrippers Plus. It's how we kept track of our routes for the Michigan State Centennial Parks Project that we undertook in 2019. Visiting and reviewing all 103 state parks was a huge undertaking. Roadtrippers Plus helped us stay on top of all our route planning.

If you follow this link to sign up and enter the promo code FPRT235XTX, you'll receive 20% off of your subscription.

Clothing & Accessories

treking pole on trailIf you're looking for some great hiking poles that can be collapsed for easier travel, we use and recommend Montem Ultrastrong Cork Trekking Poles. When you follow that link, use our code (LNT10) for 10% off your order! 


Whenever we set up camp for a few days, we almost always find a way to hang our BearButt hammocks for a great place to read and relax, aka, take an unplanned nap! ???? We're excited to now be affiliates for BearButt because we really like the quality of their products. Check out their selection here! 

We have been really impressed with Cloudline hiking socks and the ski/snowboard socks for comfort and warmth, so we decided to join the rewards point system. If you use this code, you get 25% off your purchase and we earn some points. Check it out!

Click the photo above try gear from Nomadik!

RV Resources


Shraderland Designs has Michigan maps and many other states -- we love being able to track where we have camped within the Great Lakes State. Check out their website and use our special discount code of TREKERS20 to receive 20% off!

Ari completed a home-study course on RV Maintenance Training and he recommends it for anyone looking to know more about the systems in their RV, how to tackle maintenance issues yourself instead of paying someone else to do it, or if you have an interest in diving deeper into becoming an RV inspector or technician. It's a great way to take a class at your own pace when time permits, right from your own Mac or PC computer. The videos and written documentation provided are a nice package. If you use our link, you have some bonus offers available, as well. If you wouldn't mind doing us a favor, please mention Ari Adler as your referrer when you sign up!

Business Resources

When you're looking to travel, whether part-time or full-time, staying on top of your budget is essential. We've been testing out YNAB (You Need A Budget) and have been impressed with its interface and usefulness, both on the web and via its mobile apps. If you need a budget -- and everyone does -- consider trying YNAB with our referral code. 

Need business cards? You should try Moo! They have awesome print products and cool design finishes. Plus, you can get 25% off your first order!

We have found the more we use Trello, the more we find new ways to use it. This has become our go-to for all sorts of lists, projects, and overall activity organization. Available for web, iOS, and Android, it syncs flawlessly so it's always at your fingertips. Plus, it's free!


TubeBuddy logo

Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you getting the most out of it? Consider adding TubeBuddy -- it's like having a digital assistant who lives and breathes YouTube to make sure you're doing everything you can to make the channel perform better.

Shopping Resources

If you're going to shop at Amazon anyway, consider going there through this link, and maybe even bookmarking this as your home page for shopping. We are Amazon Affiliates and if you shop from our link, we get a few pennies tossed our way to help fund -- what else -- buying more stuff at Amazon!  🙂

If you like coffee, we have a great resource for you to try! Trade Coffee offers top-rated specialty coffees that are matched to your preferences.



Whenever we buy something, we always try to use our American Express cards. There are multiple versions available to help you earn Amazon reward points or Delta Skymiles points. If you use our referral link, you can earn bonus rewards, plus we get some rewards for the referral. We have owned Amex cards for years and never found a credit card company with better customers service.

Have you tried EBATES? It's super simple to earn cash back on purchases you're going to make anyway! We use EBATES and the cash back can really add up. Use our referral link and you'll get a $10 bonus for trying out the service.

We use a DJI Spark for the awesome drone videos and photos we're able to capture. Check out their entire line of awesome products by clicking on the image above. 

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RV and travel books worth reading plus podcasts to listen to on the road:

Tales from the Black Tank by our friend Liz Wilcox from The Virtual Campground

The RV Podcast with Mike and Jennifer Wendland



Presidential, a history of the U.S. presidents


The RV Entrepreneur with Heath and Alyssa Padgett



Constititutional, a history of the U.S. Constitution and amendments

Check out these great travelers and their stories!

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