Oh, the places you and your RV will go!

Woman and man at top of mountain
At the top of Divide Mountain near Glacier National Park
Class B RV in driveway
Geraldine II — a 2008 Roadtrek 190 Popular 4×4

Oh, the places you and your RV will go!

Three years (three years! ) ago this week we picked up Geraldine II and brought her home. A 2008 Roadtrek 190 Popular 4×4, she wasn’t new, she was very well-loved. But she was new to us. (Geraldine II was named by her previous owners and they took such good care of her that we decided we should keep the name they used.) We were expecting she would open up a whole new realm of travel possibilities that weren’t feasible in our little pop-up camper. 

Meeting the cast from RV Nomads The Movie was a highlight of Nomadfest

But what we didn’t know was the community she would lead us to. A community of like-minded travelers who enjoy adventure and experiences and seeing new places. RVers are some of the most-friendly people you will ever meet. Little did we know how much it would change our lives to be involved in this community.

Woman and man with Class B RV in winter
Winter camping in Michigan

In three short years, we’ve met some fantastic people from all over the United States and Canada. As a result, we’ve purposely driven thousands of miles to RV gatherings in places like Texas, Glacier National Park in Montana, and the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula just to hang out with folks. One of our favorite group events is our annual pilgrimage to Tahquamenon Falls State Park in the dead of winter. I think you have to be slightly crazy to go winter camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so it’s good to see we’re not alone!

The community also is great for advice on everything from places to visit, and gadgets to use, to troubleshooting issues and more. You can’t ask for a better group of friends.

Class B RV near pole barn
Parking in family driveways is a great way to camp for free in a smaller unit. 

And our Roadtrek Class B RV is one of the most versatile motorhomes available. It’s large enough to live in, yet small enough to fit in a standard parking space. As a result, there aren’t too many places she can’t go. What’s so perfect about Geraldine II is that we can use her not just for long trips, but to run errands or visit family. It’s just so convenient having a bathroom, kitchen, and bed on board at all times!

Here’s a list of some of the places she has taken us in just three years:

Class B RV in front of Iowa Capitol
Visiting the Iowa Capitol
Man and woman seated at Geographical Center of North America pillar
This marker exists off the beaten path! 

Considering we have full-time jobs, it’s amazing how many adventures we have had already. I can’t wait to see what the next three years bring!

Class B RV on side of road near mountains




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