Indiana Dunes State Park

Sand dunes on Lake Michigan

Located near Chesterton, Indiana, on the shores of Lake Michigan, this park has plenty to do for everyone

This park has a ton of opportunities for folks regardless of your outdoor recreation interests. You can spend time on the beach at Lake Michigan, enjoy a nice campground with large, level spots, hike miles and miles of trails through woods and sand dunes, and, apparently, spend a lot time birdwatching as that is advertised a lot at the park’s Nature Center.

The entrance fee to the park is a bit steep for non-residents when you consider you have to pay that even when paying to camp. But camping prices are comparable to other areas.

The campground facilities are relatively modern and well cared for. There also are small playgrounds for kids in the campground. It’s a large park with distinct areas that help keep the activities separated, but the beach, the campground and the hiking trails are all within walking distance of each other.

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