Gimbal overview: The SMOVE Mobile

gimbal in boxWe recently purchased a SMOVE Mobile gimbal, and Ari finally got to take it out for a test drive while we were camping. A more in-depth review isn’t possible yet because we haven’t used it enough. But so far, the initial reaction he had was positive, and we’re looking forward to testing out all of its capabilities.

We’ve only used it with Ari’s phone, which is a Google Pixel. That means his phone is on the larger end of the scale, and the SMOVE handled stabilization well. Now we need to try it out with our GoPro Hero Session. And we need to spend some more time with it so we can talk about battery life, getting over the learning curve, and maybe some tips and tricks we learn along the way.

In the meantime, here is Ari’s quick overview of why using a gimbal can make a big difference when shooting video.


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