Mackinac Island

One of Michigan’s northern jewels, Mackinac Island is where you can step back in time because no motor vehicles are allowed on the island — horses, bicycles and your own two feet are how you traverse this historic place.

It’s a nice getaway if you don’t mind having to spend some dough to get there and stay there. Still, some amazing views and the quaint surroundings with no motor vehicles allowed makes it a very unique destination. 

If you like history, Fort Mackinac and its programs offers some good perspectives. Not necessarily a place you would visit often but it’s worth experiencing the tour and demonstrations inside. If the hike straight up the hill is too much, consider the longer but less-steep climb further down Main Street.

If you want to get away from the crowds, consider biking the 8.2 mile paved loop around the island. It’s actually M-185, the only state highway in Michigan upon which motor vehicles are prohibited. Don’t miss one of the great picture spots on Mackinac: Arch Rock

The interior trails up and over the island are cool, too, but keep in mind that going down the steep grades can be dangerous and coming back up can be tiring.

Fun Hollywood fact: most of the movie Somewhere in Time was filmed on Mackinac Island, and they still have the gazebo there.

The Somewhere in Time gazebo is still on the island.

You can catch a glimpse of what leaving the island on one of the many ferry boats is like in our video below.

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