Henry Ford’s…campers?

FDR’s presidential limousine — specially designed to make ingress and egress easier for Roosevelt due to his need of a wheelchair.

The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn, Michigan is a museum that has some amazing pieces in its collection. Among them are the presidential limousines originally produced for presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan in the Driving America section.

Many portions of America’s past are covered at The Henry Ford, as well as the adjacent Greenfield Village, which allows you to take a walk through history. The tickets can seem a bit pricey to some at $22 for adults for just the museum portion, but the collection really is superb. Package deals are available if you have the time to spend at the museum and in the village.

Ari recently attended a reception at The Henry Ford for work and was able to spend some time poking around the Driving America section. From stagecoaches to automobiles to massive train engines, The Henry Ford has a lot to offer. But he was most enamored — of course! — with the camping vehicles they had on display.

It was interesting how much things haven’t really changed, just evolved. Here are a few of the fun things Ari found. If you get a chance, swing through Dearborn and take a stroll through history for yourself!

A 1959 Volkswagen Westfalia — the first “van camper” that had come onto the market a few years before. It’s the granddaddy to the Class B Roadtrek we drive today.
A 1935 Stagecoach travel trailer, but not just any Stagecoach. This trailer was given to Charles Lindbergh by his friend Henry Ford in 1942. Lindbergh wrote part of his book, The Spirit of St. Louis, while living in this trailer on the road.
A 1929 pop-up camper. Again — in a lot of ways, camping equipment has gone through an evolution more than a revolution.
A 1949 Airstream Trailwind — evolved from the original lightweight “duraluminum” trailers first introduced in 1936 that continue to have a cult following among RVers.

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