Airstream Office is a great HQ, others are learning

At the 2022 Florida RV Supershow, Jessi walked into an Airstream trailer with a built-in office and exclaimed, “OK, I found our next rig.” We thought she was joking, but as I write this blog post, I’m sitting in our 30-foot Airstream Flying Cloud Office!

The Airstream was the first model we had seen that did a great job incorporating a complete office suite into an RV. It’s something many people have started creating on their own through DIY renovations. We had considered buying a bunk model and converting the bunk section to an office. But Airstream did it for us!

Fleetwood now offers a Class A with an office

At the 20223 Florida RV Supershow, we found office models are starting to crop up in other manufacturers’ rigs. There was a fifth wheel that added an office into the front cap. Although it seemed like more of an afterthought, it’s encouraging to see they started considering remote workers. We suspect their offerings will only improve.

We also found a Fleetwood Class A with an office built into the rear end behind the main bedroom. Again, it’s more of an add-on because they built it into the closet. Since it’s a large Class A, there’s still plenty of closet space left.

The corner office in the Fleetwood

Still, there’s a nice window in the office section. Plus they added a decent-sized desk area, some storage drawers, USB charging ports, and a TV that appeared to have hookups for use as a computer monitor.

Our Airstream has a corner office nicely tucked away. But it’s still right next to the bathroom and close to the kitchen because our rig is 30 feet.

You are far away from everything in this larger Class A with Fleetwood’s new floor plan. You have a door to the bedroom to close off the rest of the rig. And you could even close the closet doors for an extra layer of soundproofing without feeling too much like you’ve closed yourself in a closet.

The office is all the way at the rear of this Fleetwood Class A

The advantage is that your spouse, your kids, your guests, or whoever else happens to be hanging out in the rig can be in the general living space. They could be using the restroom or cooking dinner. They could be watching TV, or playing games. Regardless, you’re not going to get disturbed by them.

So that layout makes a lot of sense for how it was designed. We think Fleetwood deserves kudos for getting serious about offering a space for remote workers.

The biggest kudos still goes to Airstream for the thoughtfulness of their Flying Cloud Office design. We have a nice big desk, plenty of storage drawers, an additional slide-out work surface, and more. Plus, they provide a professional office chair. Jessi says is one of the most comfortable she has ever worked in anywhere. The other manufacturers provide folding chairs. They may be comfortable for a few hours. But you would hardly want to be in them for an entire workday.

The corner office in our Airstream came with a really comfortable professional office chair!

Despite any shortcomings we found in some of the new office models, it’s encouraging to see office models at all. Digital nomads, remote workers, traveling content creators – regardless of what you do on the road, there’s a good chance you’ll soon find a ready-made RV available for you to do it in.

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