A true getaway van from Adventure Wagon and Winnebago

Are you looking for a unique rig that offers maximum flexibility for short-term vanlife? Then check out the Winnebago and Adventure Wagon partnership.

We found this new collaboration while attending the Florida RV Supershow. We interviewed one of the Adventure Wagon designers working on the project for our YouTube channel. Brad from Adventure Wagon noted this isn’t a rig you’re going to take to an RV resort. You won’t plug in to kick back and watch a football game at your campsite. That’s why we say this rig offers maximum flexibility for short-term vanlife. It’s for a long weekend in the woods to really get away.

Based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, this collaboration between Winnebago and Adventure Wagon has hit the nail on the head with uniqueness. It’s a pretty minimalist rig, but it’s so configurable to your needs that you really can’t go wrong with it.

We even commented that it’s something we might actually consider in the future for how customizable it is. It’s all based on the Adventure Wagon track system. But there are some Winnebago engineering niceties thrown in. So this van can be a guys’ weekend getaway van one day and a family hauler the next.

This rig is for somebody who wants to hang out on the two-track forest roads. It will take you places like we used to visit in northern Michigan before we bought our Airstream.

If you want to get away and go out and explore nature but you don’t want to come back and sleep in a tent at the end of the night, then this has a lot of potential for you.

The track system allows you to do things like move the main sink and cabinet. The powered Dometic cooler and the portable generator also can move around but lock securely into place.

You can add a second bunk or completely remove the beds and seats and store a ton of gear. Or you could pull all the camping stuff out and put in extra seating. Boom! You have your own mini airport shuttle!

The van has sound-deadening and Thinsulate insulation in the walls. Then they add a track system that lets you secure things to the floor or the walls, including the awesome Adventure Wagon gear bags. Brad from Adventure Wagon said the tracks are all bolted to the van’s frame steelwork, so nothing is coming loose. He said he has spent several nights sleeping in a hammock hanging across the inside of the van.

The van also comes with a small, battery-operated water system. But there’s room inside the Winnebago-provided cabinet to upgrade to a larger water storage container.

Image courtesy of Adventure Wagon

The biggest downside to this awesome, small-footprint vehicle is the tanks. There’s a cassette toilet, which means only a few gallons of black tank capacity. And the standard freshwater tank is only 3 gallons.

But if you’re looking for maximum flexibility in a footprint that can get you out where few other RVers are going to make it, this is the getaway van for you.

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