A small, rechargeable worklight that’s a big workhorse

We have worked with the Hokolite company before, reviewing their various rechargeable worklights. We find many of their products work well for RVers, car campers and others. (Most recently, I produced a video review of one their larger units. You can find that review here: https://youtu.be/NLylUJkv9-I. )

Hokolite has since sent us a smaller unit they’ve created. And despite it’s compact size, it provides a big light and offers plenty of useful features.

This rechargeable LED worklight has the following features:

  • Four color temperatures (2700K, 3500K, 4500K, and 6500K)
  • Four brightness levels (25, 50, 75, and 100 percent)
  • Magnetic base that rotates 360 degrees
  • Collapsible hook for hanging
  • Attachment screw for use on a tripod
  • USB input and output ports, so it can be used as an emergency battery block for other devices

The attachment options mean you’ll be able to use the light in a lot of different ways. And having a light pointed right where it needs to be is sometimes half the battle.

Being rechargeable is only helpful if the battery holds its charge. We have found that this light does that very well. When using the light, it burns through the battery quite slowly. When in storage, the battery holds its charge for a long time.

Other features we found useful include the individual buttons for power, light temperature, and brightness levels. It’s nice that Hokolite hasn’t fallen into the design trap of creating a multiple-use button. It might be cheaper and easier to produce but it is much less user friendly.

Also, once you select the color temperature of the light, the unit remembers, which is super helpful. The only flaw in the system is that the brightness level always resets to 100%. I wish that, if it wasn’t going to remember your brightness setting, that it would at least start at 25%. That would help avoid being inadvertently blinded by this powerful little workhorse.

Despite that singular flaw, this is one of the best worklights we own. It’s (current) price point at Amazon of less than $30 makes it a good value. We think this light should serve you well in many different potential applications.

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