Surfshark VPN: Keeping things private on the road

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We like to share our travel experiences, photos and videos with the world. So you might think a blog post about keeping things private is a bit out of place. But when it comes to online safety, a good Virtual Private Network can be very important. The one we recommend is Surfshark VPN.

After all, passwords and other sensitive information are things we don’t want broadcast publicly. Many of us now live our lives online. Accessing information and transacting business when traveling is what allows us to get to great places with amazing views.

Even with our WeBoost cell phone booster, though, there are times when there just isn’t enough cellular signal to boost. That means turning to public wifi networks that can be found at campgrounds, coffee shops, hotels, airports, and other locations. When you’re traveling and want to take advantage of open wireless networks, do you ever think about the risk you are taking at the same time? We don’t because we use the Surfshark VPN.

These are the “office” views we like to see!

Fellow travelers recommended Surfshark VPN, which encrypts all the data sent via the internet so that no one can see your passwords or private messages.

To oversimplify the way VPNs work, they scramble information sent to or from the internet as it comes and goes from your computer, phone or tablet. No one can read what you’re sending or receiving because of this scrambling. That’s particularly important when you’re tapping into public wifi and someone else may be tapping in to listen.

Surfshark VPN provides peace of mind without a huge cost and with zero interference. We haven’t noticed any slowdown in transmission speed and it isn’t obtrusive. It just sits quietly in the background on your device and does its thing.

What we really like about the service is that for one price you can protect any device you own. It’s a single license and you can install the browser extension on any machine and the app on any phone or tablet you have without incurring extra expense.

Surfshark VPN also allows you to change how the Internet sees you, so you can make it appear as though you’re in a different country. While we don’t use that part of the service (yet!), we know people who take full advantage of it to watch different Netflix libraries available to different countries.

Using public wifi is a great way to save on cellular data charges. But you are taking a risk because you could expose sensitive information on what is essentially a public broadcast channel. A VPN protects your privacy.

We’re sold on Surfshark’s service, excellent protection and benefits, and the fact that it doesn’t slow down your connection.

The Surfshark team has been good to work with, too. You can use our referral link to get this super product for a whopping 83% off!

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