Four Corners Monument: Sometimes you just have to be a tourist

Sometimes, you just have to play the role of tourist. One of those times is when you’re near the Four Corners Monument, a unique landmark that marks the point where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. It is the only place in the United States where four states intersect at one point.

The monument is located on the Navajo Nation, and it is open to the public year-round. Visitors can stand on the monument and place one foot in each state. Informational plaques in each state explain how the government determined the boundaries over time.

Because it is on the Navajo Nation, you often will find native American vendors in the exhibit booths selling homemade jewelry, art pieces and other collectibles.

History of the Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument was established in 1912 by the U.S. government. The site was chosen because it was the point where the boundaries of the four states met. The current fancy monument replaced the original cement pad marking the location.

Tourists have been flocking to the the Four Corners Monument ever since it opened. In recent years, the monument has become even more popular as a result of the growing popularity of the Four Corners region. The area is home to a variety of Native American ruins and artifacts, and it offers good views of the surrounding desert landscape.

Getting to the Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument is located on the Navajo Nation where the four states come together. The nearest town is Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, which is 6 miles away. The road that enters into the monument is actually in New Mexico. The monument is open to the public year-round and admission is $8 per person. Note that they charge the entrance fee at the gate, so if you think you’re going to park and pay to have just one person in your party enter the monument area, think again. You pay for everyone in the car as you enter the parking lot.

Tips for Visiting the Four Corners Monument

Here are a few tips for visiting the Four Corners Monument:

  • The monument is located in a remote area, so be sure to fill up your gas tank before you go.
  • The monument is open year-round, but it can be very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • There sometimes are food trucks on site, but it is a good idea to bring your own water and snacks.
  • This can be a crowded tourist destination, especially during peak season. When we visited in mid-April, it was quite dead. If you go when things are busy, there is a 3-photo limit to keep things moving along.

If you have some extra time and want to make the most of your $8 admission, consider hiking the State Line Trail located behind the monument that goes down into a small canyon.

Yes, Four Corners Monument is a super-touristy thing to do. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it at least once for the experience, and the cheesy photographs.

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