“Camping” in a city can be fun, too

We often share tales on our Instagram and YouTube accounts about things we find while hiking in the woods. That doesn’t mean cities don’t have their moments, too.

A sunset over the marina from our “campsite.”

As our summer trek through Minnesota was coming to a close, we knew we wanted to check out Duluth. We planned to spend some time there working and being tourists. Then we would continue on to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan en route back to home base for a bit.

We don’t usually opt for pavement under our campsites.

We ended up “camping” in a marina that has RV parking. That is certainly not our usual style, generally opting to get away from asphalt surfaces and city noise. But after adjusting to a different surrounding, I have found there are things that make each place special.

In Duluth, you can catch gigantic Great Lakes freighters coming and going under the iconic aerial lift bridge. Hearing the horns of the ships and responses from the bridge operator has become a favorite thing of Jessi’s. She knows to jump up with her binoculars and check out the latest arrival.

A freighter arrives through the iconic aerial lift bridge just after sunset in Duluth
I wonder what adventures this guy has had!

For me, I have found that wandering the marina each morning, coffee cup in hand, provides a sense of calm. It helps me start the day refreshed. There’s something about the water lapping against the boats. I think about taking one of these “water RVs” to new places and it makes my heart skip a beat. Given how easily I can become seasick, I assure you we aren’t turning in our RV for a boat anytime soon! Still, one can always wonder what it would be like.

It’s supposed to rain this weekend, so we’ve been putting together a list of inside things to do. Duluth has the Great Lakes Aquarium and a freighter museum that is actually in an old freighter. Both sound like promising ways to spend some time in Duluth.

Next week I’ll feel more at home while hiking in the Porcupine Mountains.

Next week, the untamed wilderness of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula will surround me. And I will feel more at home than I do in Duluth.

But as one of my hats reads, “Wander often, wonder always.” Sometimes, that means along city streets, as well as dirt trails.

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