How to Keep a Business Running While You’re Camping

In this guest post, Julia Mitchell from Outspiration, discusses ideas for getting away even when you’re normally running a business every day. If you have any other tips, please leave them in the comments section so we all can discuss them and learn from each other.

Keep on trekin, and we’ll see you out there!

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When planning a long vacation or weekend camping trip, there are some special considerations to keep in mind, including keeping your business going while gone. A camping trip is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time. But for a business owner, a camping trip can quickly become a nightmare if not well planned.

Get Prepared

Before you leave, check to make sure you have everything you need for your trip. Make a list of all the items you’re taking with you, including snacks, drinks, and any electronics. When it comes to electronics, don’t forget all the cords, power blocks, etc. that you might need to keep them powered up.

Connecting to Power

Campgrounds sometimes offer electrical hookups connected to the power supply. Otherwise, you’ll need to plan ahead to get connected. Invest in a generator or a portable battery source. Maybe even look at phone and tablet cases that can double as an extra charging source. Even if you have electricity available at your campsite, power outages can happen anywhere and at any time, so having a generator on hand could allow you to keep working.

Bring an extension cord to extend the power supply to where you need it most. (We have visited state parks in Michigan where the cord run from the campsite to the power pole has been between 75 and 100 feet! ~Trekers) Also, consider a power strip so you can use one plug for multiple devices. Invest in extra batteries.

2008 Roadtrek 190 Popular 4x4 in campground
This RV park in Cody, WY had power poles right next to the campsite, but we’ve been in some state parks where the electricity was coming from much further away!

Connecting to the Internet

While out in nature, you’ll need to stay connected to the hustle and bustle if you need to keep track of the business back home. To connect to the internet while camping, you might need a few things.

First, a cellular data plan that’s as unlimited as possible. Note that even “unlimited plans” have data caps that will slow things down to the point your devices are almost unusable.

Second, a portable Wi-Fi hot spot, an easily carried device that connects to your cellular phone, tablet, or laptop. It allows you to connect to the internet from anywhere.

(We also have found that our Verizon jetpack connects to the internet at faster data speeds than our Verizon phone does, even with the same number of bars. And, when needed, we can always turn on our WeBoost cellular booster. ~ Trekers)

Minimize Your Workload

There are ways to minimize your workload while away camping so you can relax. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

  • Use Technology to Your Advantage — You can use technology, like email, chat, and phone messaging, to inform customers while
    away. With technology, you can prepare customers and reassure them that your business is in good hands while gone.
  • Automate Your Processes — Automation can help your business run smoothly while you’re on vacation, as well as while
    it’s operating normally. For example, you can set up automatic invoicing, automated reminders, auto-responses to emails, and automated marketing emails.
  • Delegate Tasks — When you’re out of the office, you’ll need a plan to ensure your business continues to function. If you can, assign tasks to temporary employees or trusted colleagues.
  • Consider Virtual Options — If you need help managing the administrative, IT, accounting, or social media aspects of your business while you’re gone, you can turn to freelancers for assistance. Freelancers act as independent contractors; they’re hired to work on specific short-term projects. This arrangement is a perfect solution if you need extra help while away. 

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