Vacation and Staycation Ideas for Families

Even with the ongoing travel limitations, there are various amazing options for families to explore during school breaks. In this guest post, Joyce Wilson wrote about domestic and international ideas for a memorable family experience, and offered some helpful resources, whether you’re planning a vacation or staycation.

National Park Road Trip

2008 Roadtrek 190 Popular 4x4
One of our favorite national parks at Trekers is Badlands in South Dakota. We even drove through once on our way past just because it was only a short distance out of our way!

Rather than driving down to a beach or your local camping ground, this year plan a road trip for the ages by visiting various National and State Parks across the country.

Throughout the trip, you will avoid crowds, be outdoors and witness breathtaking views perfect for family photographs. What’s more? You can enroll your kids in the Junior Rangers program. According to the National Park Foundation, the program is aimed towards helping children explore parks, learn about ecosystems and engage them in numerous activities such as:

  • Taking a short hike
  • Watching a documentary
  • Recycling Trash

On completion of each activity, they’ll earn a badge, and as each park has different activities and badges to offer, your kids will be occupied throughout the trip.

While they are busy earning badges you can get some much-deserved rest in the tranquility of nature.

Fly to a Remote Location

You might be able to take advantage of traveling to various scenic countries at a fraction of pre-pandemic costs.

Many countries depend heavily on tourism for their survival. The previous ban on worldwide travel had a major impact on their economies which they are now trying to recover through inviting tourists even more than usual.

Some of these countries include:

  • Fiji
  • Barbados
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Dutch Caribbean islands
  • The Maldives

According to CNBC, as a tourist, you can expect to get discounts from travel agencies, airlines, and hotels to lure you into traveling internationally. Additionally, as international travel is at an all-time low, you can more effectively maintain social distancing during your travels. Remember to research the visa rules and vaccine regulations for the country you choose.

Explore Local Attractions

Before the pandemic, we may have taken for granted the variety of outdoor attractions we had access to in our hometowns. Some of these include:

  • Roller-skating Parks
  • Mini-Golf Courses
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Drive-in Movie Theatres

If you choose to not travel far for vacation, make a list of local attractions your family wants to visit for a staycation.

Staying home without screentime

While these travel options might excite some to pack their bags and venture outdoors, choosing to remain at home for the vacation is also a viable option.

To avoid your kids being glued to screens all day, here are some fun activities to try:

  • Have a Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of various household items hidden across the house and set a time limit to find them. To make things competitive, have a prize for the winner.
  • Organize a Barbeque Party: A pleasant sunny day is a perfect time to get your grill out and make some delicious food. You can choose to make it into an event by inviting your family and friends. Decorate your backyard, encourage guests to bring their favorite sides, organize some backyard games, and have a fun time.
  • Make Repairs: Vacations are the perfect time to involve yourself with repair and maintenance tasks. These can include- cleaning your gutter drains, washing your driveway, trimming your lawn, and more. Involving your kids in these activities will teach them some useful DIY skills.

We want to thank Joyce for her blog contribution. Do you have any great ideas for vacations or staycations that families might enjoy? Please leave them in the comments below so others can be inspired by what you have done.

Keep on trekin’, and we’ll see you out there!

ari & Jessi

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