Am I swimming in recycled plastic bottles?

Is that a clickbait headline? Does it make you wonder if there are enough plastic bottles floating somewhere that I actually swam through them? Well, read on, because there is a connection!

This is a picture we took of the beach and dunes at Grand Mere State Park in Michigan.
No plastic bottles were found floating here (that day).

Bermies is a company that sells swim trunks and swimsuits, among other casual clothes for men, women and kids. They reached out to see if we wanted to be affiliates for them. Per our policy, I said we would consider it, but only if we could receive a product to try. If we’re telling our readers we think they should buy something, we want to know it’s a quality product.

Now, it’s impossible for us to buy every version of a company’s product. And they can’t send every style to test. But a sample of their work is usually a good indicator of what’s in store for the rest of the product line.

The Bermies marketing team was happy to oblige. They offered to send me any set of trunks I was interested in trying. So I opted for the 7″ swim trunks. In the ad below, you can see what the 7″ trunks look like on someone who should be showing off at the beach rather than me. Because that’s how marketing works!

But the trunks really are a nice product and I’m glad I ordered them.

One thing I noticed right away was how soft and comfy the trunks felt when I removed them from the package. I also appreciate that someone finally came up with a swim trunk liner that isn’t a scratchy mesh and uncomfortable for most guys.

In this case, Bermies uses a compression liner. It’s comparable to a boxer brief in style and is quite soft and comfortable to wear.

I also have noticed the trunks dry well and have pockets that are large enough to be usable en route to or from your swimming destination.

Now what about swimming in plastic bottles?

Bermies follows a recycling, or rather upcycling method. They use plastic bottles that are chipped and melted before being turned into a fiber. That fiber is what Bermies uses to produce their trunks.

So hopefully we can all go swimming without a bunch of plastic bottles floating around because Bermies has found a way to put them to good use.

You are going to pay more for Bermies than you would if you just grabbed a cheap pair of swimming trunks at the local big box store. But I have found over time that “you get what you pay for” really does mean something.

These trunks are comfortable and well-made. From the design to the material to the stitching and drawstring — it all seems top tier. I look forward to using these things for years to come. I shouldn’t need to either a) hack them apart because the liner is irritating or b) realize that saving money once doesn’t work when you have to keep “saving” that money over and over to replace a cheap product that didn’t hold up.

So, yes, we have become affiliates for Bermies. And we also arranged for a discount for our readers! So now you can save a little cash when purchasing this eco-friendly product.

When you reach the checkout, add the coupon code TREKERS and you’ll receive a 10-percent discount on your purchase.

We hope you find something to your liking and then head out to enjoy it at the beach. I saw a saying recently that Jessi would subscribe to whole-heartedly:

“The answer may not be at the beach, but shouldn’t we at least check?”

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