1791 EDC tool organizer makes your belt a lot more useful

This EDC tool organizer is working great. You can get a 10% discount when you use TREKERS10 at checkout at 1791 EDC.

Maybe it’s because I grew up infatuated with Batman, but I’ve always been a sucker for a great utility belt. Unfortunately, most belts don’t do much more than cinch your pants so they don’t fall down. So when 1791 EDC reached out and offered me a leather tool organizer to review, I had to say yes!

I’ve purchased products from 1791 Gunleather before, so I knew the quality would probably be quite good. But the question for me was how useful a belt tool organizer would be compared with how cumbersome it might become.

They sell it as an EDC item. So, you would use it to get your everyday carry tools out of your pockets. The thing about EDC stuff is you can get carried away. Yes, it’s important to prepare for just about anything. But at some point, you cross over into looking a lot more like Batman than just wanting to be him. And that becomes awkward, and not just socially. It also can be an issue when it comes to doing everyday things — like sitting in a chair or getting in and out of vehicles.

So, it depends on how much you REALLY need all those miscellaneous items and how quickly you want them. I have found the 1791 EDC Tool Organizer shines for those times when I need small items regularly. Mainly, that’s when I’m working on the maintenance team as a park host.

Throughout my shift, I find myself reaching for keys, a knife, and a flashlight. And since I’m wearing jeans for their durability instead of the usual cargo pants I wear when hiking, the pockets can’t keep up with my needs.

That’s where the 1791 EDC Tool Organizer really shines.

I can wear it on my belt. Suddenly, all the little stuff I’m reaching for regularly is on my hip instead of in my truck or stuffed into a pocket.

1791 sent me the Easy-Slide EDC Tool Organizer for a Standard Multitool and Large Flexloop. That’s a mouthful, but there are different sizes and configurations based on your needs. This happens to be a bit larger unit, but it works well for my maintenance shifts.

With this on my belt, I now have a carabiner for my truck keys, a small flashlight, a box cutter knife, a multitool, and a carry strap for my work keys. The leather has held up well but is pliable and easily forms to your hip. I really don’t notice it’s there, but every small thing I reach for regularly is. That’s a big win.

As I mentioned, the organizers are available in different sizes for different sizes and amounts of tools. They also come in different colors. In addition, 1791 EDC makes pocket organizers that might work if you only need to carry one or two items but still want quick access.

I have no qualms about recommending any of their products. The ones I have purchased and the organizer I received for this review have all been great.

That’s why, in addition to being good customers, we’ve decided to become affiliates for 1791 Gunleather and 1791 EDC products. As part of that decision, we have also arranged for a discount code for our followers. If you use the code TREKERS10 at checkout, you’ll receive a 10% discount.

So, if you need to carry stuff and want a convenient, comfortable way to do so, we recommend 1791 products. While we can’t speak for him directly, we’re confident Batman would be impressed, too, especially since one of the colors they offer is black.


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