Single-serve pour-over coffee: a solution you didn’t know you needed

Coffee can be a very personal experience for some people. I am pretty open to trying just about anything to get that first cup of life juice in the morning. When Twisted River Coffee Roaster reached out and said they had something for me to try, I got my cup ready. (And you should too, because if you keep reading, you’ll find a special limited-time offer for Trekers followers!)

Twisted River Coffee, based in Dayton, Ohio, has created single-serve pour-over coffees with a solid taste and an ingenious brewing system.

Dan, co-founder of Twisted River Coffee, sent me a combo pack of their standard Colombia brew and a Highlander Grogg. The Grogg offers a more flavorful taste if you like your coffee black and unsweetened, as I do.

Twisted River Coffee Roaster combo pack

Inside the shipping box was a foil-lined, resealable pouch that contained 12 individual servings. The ability to seal up the pouch is a nice touch to help retain freshness. The individual pouches are sealed, as well, and you tear them open to get to the coffee and filter.

Here is where the ingenuity kicks in. The coffee is already in the filter and sealed shut. After tearing along a perforated line, the filter opens. Little handles on the outside extend to balance on your cup. Then, voila, you have a single-use pour over coffee and filter in one.

I’ve tried pour-overs before and I like the idea and the taste. (Although you do have to be more patient to enjoy pour-overs.) The biggest issue I had with pour-over in our #vanlife travels is the mess. No matter what I did, the pour-over needed more cleanup and used more water than simply dropping a K-cup into the trash.

Twisted River Coffee Roasters has solved that major headache. The filter balanced well on several different cups I tried, including a typical coffee mug and two different travel mugs.

Once the filter and coffee are in place, you simply pour hot water in until the filter is full. Then you wait while it drains. When it’s empty, you fill it again, repeating this process until your cup is full.

I found that, as with other pour-overs, taking time to let the water drain through the coffee slowly is the secret to making a cup that isn’t too weak. I’ve even taking to letting the filter sit in my cup a little longer after my last pour. Acting almost like a steeping tea bag at that point, I found it helps make an even richer cup of coffee.

When your coffee is done, you lift out the filter (again like a tea bag). Drop the whole thing in the trash and your cleanup is complete.

I have enjoyed each cup of coffee, after I got the hang of it by making the first two cups too fast and too weak. When I’m in a rush in the morning heading off to work, I still use K-cups. I don’t have time to perfect a cup of coffee — I essentially need to just pour and go. But on slower mornings or for an afternoon cup, I have been reaching for the Twisted River Coffee.

One other reason besides time that I haven’t been using Twisted River Coffee on busy days is because of the cost. So I want to take the time to make a good cup of coffee with these and enjoy it.

I asked Dan about the cost, which at about $2 per cup is more than you’ll pay for most K-cups but less than you’ll pay for a coffee from a shop.

He said they source a higher-grade coffee for the pour-overs. (I think it shows, with the pour-over creating the coffee bloom you’re supposed to see when ground coffee is fresh.) He also noted that the Highlander Grogg is actually an organic coffee, although they don’t make much of a push about that in any of their marketing.

“We have looked and feel we are pretty competitive with similar products,” Dan said. “It’s all about the convenience and the quality. We know it isn’t for everyone, but we feel it’s a good solution (versus) instant coffee or dragging all your gear out to make a cup.”

In addition to the pour-overs, Twisted River Coffee Roaster offers a variety of ground coffees. You can find them all, here. If you’re interested in trying something out, make sure to use the code TREKERS at checkout to receive a 10% discount. This offer is for a limited time, so be sure to grab some at the discounted rate while you can!

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