GoPro bar mount by Sametop works great for hiking treks

I’ve used and reviewed third-party GoPro mounts made by Sametop before. So when they reached out with a new product, I gladly took them up on it.

Sold primarily as a bike handlebar mount, the uses far exceed that. The company mentions that it can be used for handlebars, seat posts and ski poles. I figured if it would work on ski poles, then it would probably work on my Montem hiking pole, as well.

This is a well-made product that I believe will provide years of use. Designed to wrap around and clip to a bar or pole, the company has made some nice design choices.

First, the mount can clip around different thicknesses of bars and poles thanks to its large and small rubber inserts. Plus, if you remove the inserts altogether, the unit still has a rubber coating inside. It nicely protects whatever you’re attaching it to.

In addition, the system used to secure the mount to a pole or bar operates smoothly. That makes tightening everything down a breeze. I also really appreciate that the head of the mount can be rotated 360 degrees by simply unlocking a collar. By rotating the head and tilting the GoPro on the mount, you can get your camera facing in whichever direction you need.

In my field test, I found that the mount stayed nice and tight on the hiking pole. I didn’t baby it and even tried banging it around a bit.

I like taking my GoPro on hikes. You never know what I might want to share with family and friends later. And sometimes we need footage for our YouTube channel.

But that often means carrying something else in my hand in addition to my hiking pole. That can become cumbersome and tiring on longer hikes. By mounting the GoPro directly to my hiking pole, I eliminate that problem.

Now, granted, you don’t want to shoot video while walking with your hiking pole as you normally would. Because then you could make your viewers seasick. But holding the pole up slightly and using it temporarily as a camera base works well for trail shots. Plus, using the pole to lift the GoPro up high above your head means you’ll get some nice, different angles.

You can’t use your hiking pole as a tripod, so that’s one downside to carrying the camera this way. But I also have a small tripod that fits easily in a pocket or bag. So I have that for any selfie-type hiking videos I may want to shoot.

You can find the Sametop mount at Amazon for less than $20. Overall, this is probably one of the best Sametop products I have ever reviewed. I think you’ll enjoy the flexibility and stability of this mount for your GoPro.

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