Finding the right hiking carrier

The team over at Say Insurance has provided another nice infographic on a topic we thought some of our readers might find useful. So here it is as a Trekers guest post. Keep on trekin’ and we’ll see you out there!

~ Ari & Jessi

A whole world is waiting out there for your kid to discover. Breathtaking sites, tremendous trails and more abound, and it’s never too early to bring your kid hiking so they can witness them with their own eyes. Though you may feel understandably concerned about your child’s safety in the great outdoors, exploring nature helps bring you closer to your child and brings your child closer to the world. To help ease any worries, consider investing in a hiking carrier.

Hiking carriers can securely hold your kid as you carry them along winding paths. But choosing one isn’t as simple as buying the nicest looking one off the shelf or online. You need to make sure your child meets certain physical qualifications, such as age and weight, to safely ride in the carrier. And you’ll want to consider your budget and different features in your decision-making process. Learn more about hiking carriers with this graphic:

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