The little light that’s really bright

Favorlite reached out recently about their rechargeable LED vintage camping lantern so we gave it a spin and found it’s the little light that’s really bright.

Available in black or brown, Favorlite designed this lantern to have a vintage look with its wire basket. Underneath the hood is an LED bulb, so the light output can be quite high. You have three settings to choose from. On high, and while using the included carabiner hook, you could light up an entire area around an RV door. Or on low, and sitting on the picnic table, you could provide ambient lighting for your activities.

On the Medium setting, the lantern provided enough light for Jessi to continue a video call as it was getting dark outside.

We haven’t owned this lamp long enough to attest to the longevity of its battery. The manufacturer says it will last “hours” on a single USB charge. Since it’s using LEDs, we’re certain it would last quite a while, especially if you don’t use it on high a lot. And, quite honestly, the high setting is really high so you probably wouldn’t need it very often.

The lantern has a series of lights on the top to check the battery remaining while the light is on.

As I mentioned earlier, you can stand the lantern on a table and it’s quite stable when you do so. Or you can hang it from something with the included carabiner that, while not heavy duty, performs well enough.

This light is really bright for its size. Here it is next to a GoPro 9 for reference.

According to the manufacturer, the lantern is made from stamped steel and plastic, and the sturdiness seems to be quite good.

One nice thing about this lantern is its size. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space for storage. That’s a premium feature when living or traveling in an RV. And, yet, despite it’s size it can put out a lot of light to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in checking one of these lanterns out for yourself, they’re currently available at Amazon for less than $20.

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