Michigan State Parks: Lakeport

Lakeport State Park is just north of Port Huron near Fort Gratiot. At 565 acres, the park offers a beach, day-use area, and a campground. What makes this park a bit unusual is how all of its components are quite separated from each other, including the parking areas.

For instance, the day-use section and the beach are located directly on the shores of Lake Huron, on the east side of M-25/Lakeshore Road. However, the very large parking area is located on the other side of the road.

To access the beach and day-use area, you’ll need to take the steep windy ramp that goes over the road from the parking area. If you’ve got kids or lots of gear, I recommend a wagon to haul everything as it’s quite a hike.

It’s important to note that while there are no stairs, the ramp is not designated as ADA-compliant due to the steepness of the ramp incline. Instead, special handicap parking is available on the beach-side of the road.

Beach and day-use area

The day-use area at Lakeport State Park sits between the road and the beach and offers a large grassy area to let the kids run, have a picnic, throw a frisbee or hang your hammock. Charcoal grills and picnic tables are available, as well as modern restroom facilities.

The beach area is sandy, but is long and narrow, meaning you’ll need to walk down the beach to find a place for your beach blanket that’s not right on top of someone else.

What’s really great about this beach is that the water stays shallow (knee to waist) for a considerable distance and it’s also more sand than rocks, which is much easier on the feet when playing in the water or walking the shoreline. Lake Huron tends to be chilly, but it feels great on a super-hot day in mid-summer.


The Lakeport State Park campground is located a mile or so down the road from the day-use area and is located on the Lake Huron side of the road. This is nice because it provides a small separate beach area just for campers.

The campground has two loops with a total of 250 sites, approximately 180 in one loop and fewer than 100 in the other. The sites are mostly grassy and are stacked pretty close together. In fact, in the center section of the campground up to four sites share one power pole.

As a result, trailers and vehicles will need to do some creative maneuvering to fit on the sites, reach the electric, not block the road, or infringe on a neighboring site.

There are a few sites that back up to woods around the outer loop that have a little more space and their own power pole.

A nice feature in the campground is a store with any camping necessities you may have forgotten like marshmallows, bug spray, hotdogs, ice or firewood. It’s located near the walkway to the campground beach.

Overall impression

Lakeport State Park is a nice park for families and friends to visit for a few hours to enjoy the beach or stay for a few days to camp and hang out by the fire.

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