A Guide to America’s National Monuments

One of our favorite shots from Glacier National Park

People often talk about their goal to visit all of America’s national parks. We have visited a handful and loved them all (but especially Glacier National Park).

Have you ever checked out any of the 158 national monuments in the U.S.? The team over at Say Insurance put together this handy graphic to help guide your planning. We offered to publish it as a reference piece for our readers. We hope you find it useful!

– Ari & Jessi

How many U.S. national monuments can you name? You might be surprised to know that there are 158 national monuments in the U.S. These are public land or water that Congress set aside for protection based on scientific, historical, or cultural characteristics.

If you’re interested in visiting one (or more!), you can find a list of all national monuments, as well as their locations, at nps.gov. There, you can determine whether it offers the accessibility you need, allows pets, what the weather is typically like when you’re hoping to visit, and more. Many of these locations are popular, so it’s wise to book your hotel or campsite in advance. Also research any trails you’d like to explore, and bring any supplies you might need when you go. And, once you arrive, don’t snooze on the visitor’s center! Many offer compelling interpretive displays and presentations. Plus, you’re likely to find an employee who can’t wait to share what they know. In the meantime, find more information in this infographic:

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