Electric Ventray grill might be a hot item in your RV kitchen

If you’re in the market for a small electric grill that cooks well but doesn’t take up a lot of space in your RV, consider the Ventray Grill.

Ventray reached out to see if we wanted to test one of these grills. At first I was hesitant because space in our Class B RV is so limited. I knew we’d be staying at my brother’s house for a week this month though. So, I asked them to send it there so we could test it. As things turned out, the grill wasn’t as large as I expected. We even found room in the van temporarily to haul it with us.

The biggest problem I have now is that Jessi likes it! She wants to find permanent space in the RV and I’m not sure that exists. But it says a lot that she wants to make room for another kitchen appliance when we have turned others away.

Ventray says their 1,200 watt grill is perfect for small spaces like RV countertops. Our Class B RV is smaller than small. But if you have anything larger than a Class B, we think this little grill might do a big job for you.

Sure, we all are enamored with the idea of cooking over a campfire . But once you’re on the road for a while you realize that’s really more of a weekend activity. For day-to-day cooking, we rely on our propane stove or an outdoor grill. If we have electricity at our campground, it’s easier to fire up the portable induction burner we carry. For grilling, though, we would use this Ventray grill.

The quality overall seems solid. The temperature control slider seems a little flimsier than I’d like. I’m not sure how accurate the settings of Low, Medium, and High are.

Still, the unit preheats quickly. When we grilled chicken with peppers and onions last night, it cooked everything up well and quicker than we thought it would. Ventray claims their heating plate type of element under the grill pan heats everything up faster. They also say it heats more evenly while maintaining a consistent temperature, so maybe they’re on to something with that.

One thing I noticed that I really like is that the heat is well-contained within the grilling plate. The cover gets hot, obviously, but the handle to lift it off stays cool. While the base unit gets a little warm, it’s certainly not hot. We grilled dinner with the unit sitting on a wooden picnic table without any worries.

When all was said and done, the cleanup wasn’t too bad either, with the nonstick coating on the grill combined with some cooking spray both doing their job.

The initial package sold on Amazon comes with the electric grill base and a grill plate. In addition, you can purchase an additional deep plate, flat plate, pancake plate, and takoyaki plate. Ventray says that will make this small grill unit a multi-function cooker. We only received the base and grill plate, so I can’t attest to how the others work.

But they do provide a recipe book that walks you through all kinds of options to make using the grill and its accessory plates, which is a nice touch.

The Ventray grill would make a nice addition to your RV kitchen if you’re mostly cooking for two. It held two chicken breasts (each cut in half) and enough peppers and onions to feed us both.

You can check out the grill at Amazon here via our affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3omM713. (Note that buying through our affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything, but we get a small amount from Amazon if you use it, so thank you in advance!)

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