These quality aftermarket GoPro mounts are a great value

SameTop is a company we have been affiliated with for a few years now. They make great aftermarket accessories for GoPro cameras. They’ve done it again with their package of spare camera mounts (affiliate link).

We shoot almost entirely on GoPros for our YouTube channel. We’ve used GoPros since the GoPro 5. We’re currently using a GoPro 9 and a GoPro 11. If you’ve ever used GoPros, you know the secret to some great angles is having the right mount available to attach your camera to vehicles, helmets, and more.

Often, the easiest way to make GoPro mounts is by using adhesive bases and buckles. That’s especially true if you’re looking to mount a camera in a particular location regularly.

The downside is that adhesive GoPro mounts aren’t movable. So, you may set up a great angle, but you’re going to need more mounts if you want to add to your arsenal of angles.

SameTop’s latest offering is a 12-piece package of mounts, buckles and screws. Currently available for $15.99 at Amazon, the package includes:

  • 3 curved adhesive sticky mounts
  • 3 flat adhesive sticky mounts
  • 2 horizontal quick-release buckles
  • 2 vertical surface quick-release buckles
  • 2 long thumb screws

For comparison, original equipment mounts at GoPro will cost you $19.99 ($15.99 for members) for a lot fewer pieces. The GoPro mounts equipment package includes only one flat and one curved mount, plus two buckles and three screws. That’s seven pieces instead of 12, and three of those pieces are thumb screws.

All of the SameTop GoPro mounts use 3M VHB tape. That works great for holding your mount and camera in place while catching the action of whatever you’re doing.

Use a GoPro long enough, and you’ll find you’re constantly looking for more mounts, replacement screws, and replacement buckles.

Kudos to SameTop for creating a package that saves consumers money but offers them a valuable product just as solid and well-made as the original equipment.

You can find the SameTop mounts package at Amazon here: (affiliate link).

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