Action Clip from 1791 EDC is another quality belt accessory

We have enjoyed reviewing products from 1791 Everyday Carry because they are always top-notch. The new Action Clip Duo continues that tradition of excellence.

The 1791 EDC Action Clip Duo Tool Organizer is crafted from full-grain American leather, as are all their great, durable products. This organizer securely holds all miscellaneous small tools and accessories. And it features a sturdy metal clip for convenient attachment to a belt.

One thing to remember is that the entire unit is open at the bottom. So, you have to be careful what you store in it. Anything small that doesn’t have a clip may slip through, especially once the leather breaks in a bit.

But I’ve found it quite useful for items that do have clips. A flashlight, a box cutter, and a small pocket knife fit nicely onto the Action Clip. It also has a small pocket on the back for a driver’s license, a credit card, or a small amount of cash. The whole thing has a sturdy clip on the back to attach it to a belt.

The manufacturing quality is on par with other products we’ve reviewed from 1791 EDC. That’s why it’s easy to endorse the Action Clip.

When it comes to carrying accessories on your belt, your needs might change over time. The amount of time could be just within a week or even a day. What you need to carry on your belt at work versus what you want on your off-time can easily change.

The Action Clip works for a few items you want to carry for everyday use but can’t carry in your pockets.

It’s available in three colors and reasonably priced for its quality and functionality. Check out all the 1791 EDC products at our affiliate link. And enjoy carrying what you need when you need it in style.

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